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LEJ is a clothing company created by first-time female founders who were on the hunt for clothing that was effortless and comfortable but exceptional to wear. When they couldn't find what they were looking for, they sought out to create high-quality, high-impact silk sets and separates. LEJ came up with a new power suit for modern life featuring limited prints and designs by emerging artists.

Their name is a nod to the types of people who inspire the founders. Boldy, unapologetically themselves, people whose energy and attitude make you think: “damn, what a legend.”

In preparation for their first launch, LEJ needed a well-crafted brand identity to differentiate itself from competitors, resonate with its target audience, and establish a lasting brand image in the market.

Project summary

Salty Studios' founder, Michelle Nguyen, was one of LEJ's first creative advisors. She collaborated with the founders and created a black and white logo design that is simple yet bold. The intentional use of black and white creates a timeless feel that is both sophisticated and impactful. The contrast between the two colors is striking and easily memorable, making the logo instantly recognizable on clothing tags and merchandise.

The founders loved the logo so much that they included it as a pattern for one of their clothing lines. LEJ sold out of the two piece clothing set featuring the logo almost instantly upon launch and has been featured in Vogue.