Heed Foods


Heed Foods


Art Direction, Photography, Prop Styling, Social Media


Started by female founders, Rei and Melanie, Heed Foods set out to create a premium dog food brand. Working with leading canine microbiologists and animal nutritionists, Heed Foods developed a range of healthy, high quality kibble that would do good for dogs, inside and out.

As a new brand on the market, Heed Foods needed to quickly establish a strong social presence to showcase their fun and playful brand.

Heed Foods asked as to help

As Heed Foods' first creative partners, we started with a social strategy to define what makes Heed Foods superior and a healthier option for dog owners. With a narrative and framework in place, we then set out to do a 2 day photoshoot with real owners and their dogs to create assets for their launch. The end result was authentic user generated content and a portfolio of product photography to highlight the quality ingredients in their food.

— Match their high-spirited vision to the look and experience of the products

— Provide a visual framework that will help the social team to evolve with down the road

— Two day photo shoot complete with product styling, talent management, production management, and creative direction.

— Social strategy and content creation